Sunshine State Young Readers Award Program


Fame: Florida Association for Media in Education

Grades K – 5

About the Program: The Sunshine State Young Readers Award (SSYRA) Program is a statewide reading program for students in grades K – 8.

The purpose of the SSYRA Program is for students to read books for pleasure that are on, above, and/or below their reading level.

Please note that these books are chosen for students in grades K – 5 by the state SSYRA committee. Based on the subject and reading level, some of the books will be better suited for your child than others.  You are encouraged to become familiar with the books and if there are any books that you are not comfortable with your child reading, please contact the school. Summaries of the books are available at Sunshine State Young Readers Award. The set of 15 titles are available for check out from our media center, your local public library, and some classes have a set of books.

Incentives and Rewards: Throughout the year, we offer incentives and rewards for levels of reading achieved by students. Students will keep a record of their SSYRA progress by placing stickers on their picture in the Media Center.  In order to receive stickers for reading SSYRA books, students must pass the required Canvas quiz with a test score of 70% or higher.

Students receive extra prizes for reading these SSYRA book totals:

3 Books = Free ice cream at lunch

6 Books = Select a book from our book basket to keep for your very own

9 Books = Free Burger King for lunch

12 Books = ??? a mystery prize

15 Books = a school shirt with SSYRA logo and an invitation to a celebration